11 Fashion Week Posing Tips to Help You Flaunt Your Outfit

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Whether you’re posing for your own blog or the street style paparazzi, there’s an art to working the best angle. Adorably pigeon-toed or confidently strutting toward the lens, your go-to stance of choice says something about who you are — not to mention that with every tilt and bend, your body can look completely different. So what’s your signature pose? Perhaps you can gather some inspiration from these street style stars, who happen to have theirs down pat.  That way, aside from planning this week’s eccentric, eye-catching outfits, you’re totally ready for your photo op.
1. The I’m-Having-Too-Much-Fun-to-Care


Giovanna Battaglia has mastered this stance — it says “I’m SO fashion, and I don’t even know it!” (but of course you do!). The benefit of throwing your head up in a broad smile or chuckle, too, will be evident on camera as it helps create a longer neckline and a truly natural smile. Note: you’ll need a really fabulous outfit to make this look authentic.

2. The Look Down


The look says, “I’m chic, and I’m not even trying.” You’re not asking for attention, you’re just getting it. In this case, let your clothes do the talking — nothing too wild or crazy — just keep it fresh, modern, and cool to make it believable. This is especially flattering from the side as you walk, creating the illusion of a longer leg line.

3. The Casual Lean


You live and breathe fashion with a capital “F,” so when it comes to posing you don’t need to put on any pretenses, you’re good to go.

4. The Life Action Shot


You’re chic and sophisticated, and while you might not have time to stop, you’ll certainly get your picture taken. You’re the type who doesn’t have to advertise your fashion sense, it’s naturally apparent. What’s more, the look away is perfect for showcasing a great blowout when your hair catches the breeze behind you.

5. The Side Ways Stare


A particularly slimming pose, this stance creates a lean silhouette from the side, not to mention that everyone gets a shot of your killer heels. Flash a smile for a flirtier feel, while a stare says “Yeah, I’m chic, what of it?”

6. The Bloggers Buddies


When you buddy up, you’re two times as stylish. Plus, with a fashionable friend at your side you’re likely to feel more comfortable and more confident, which means the photo will look less staged and way more natural, from your body language to your smile. Bonus points: you’re guaranteed to attract more photogs, especially when you opt for coordinating outfits — or at least coordinating shades.

7. The Strong Arm


Like red carpet queens and celebrity style darlings, you know how to work a camera lens. Drawing your hand to your waist shows confidence and helps showcase the slimmest part of your body – you’re ready for your close-up.

8. The Look Back


What better way to show off the back of a great outfit — or your behind? Give them one last look over the shoulder on your way out. It’s like saying, “I’ve really got to go, but I’m going to look fabulous when I leave.”

9. The Crisscross


This pose slims the whole body, making you look as narrow as humanly possible while looking confidently into the lens. Why do you think it’s the go-to pose for bloggers everywhere?

10. The Pigeon Toe


This stance isn’t just sweet and approachable, it’s smart. By standing with your hips apart and toes together, you create the illusion of the blogger-loved thigh gap, making your legs look long and lean.

11. The Peacock


We’ll just come right out and say it — this is for the daring, Gone-With-the-Wind-fabulous fashionistas who are ready to attract a whole lot of attention. And, by keeping your arms out and away from the body, you’ll never have to worry about pressing your arm against your side and making it look larger than it is. Come equipped with clothing that moves, and be prepared to twirl and twirl and twirl . . . till everyone gets their shot.

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