16 Times Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” Video Made Us Feel Overwhelmed By Her Booty

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Did you guys know that Nicki Minaj is proud of her assets? (With an emphasis on ass, of course.) That much is very clear in her just released video for her new track “Anaconda.” We’d be proud, too, if we had a back like that. But the video for this song has so much overwhelming booty that we are still recovering. If we ever recover at all, that is. Here are all the booty moments that made us take a step back and really think about what’s important in life, booty-wise:

1. Slow to fast motion booty.
2. Earthquake booty.
3. In a chair booty.
4. Above a chair booty.
5. This is not how to do a push-up properly booty.
6. You’re not going to see an results with those 2-pounders booty.
7. Peekaboo booty.
8. Lift-off booty.
9. Just plain booty booty.
10. Really subtle sexual innuendos booty.
11. Why is Drake in this video? booty.
12. Hamstring stretch booty.
13. Hot water booty.
14. Are you sure you can see my booty? booty.
15. Don’t even try to palm this booty.
16. Bye, booty. In summary: It’s safe to say that Nicki definitely has buns, hon.

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