2018 With A Bang

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Nudity Photography by Motolani Olorungbon

Let’s start the year with a bang she said, let’s start with fun and happy times, with the thought of a beautiful world and creating beautiful images for the world, time to express our we feel and how we see things, how she sees things from behind the lens, the interpretation of her mind, of her person the woman she is, her creative vibe and a different shade of what the society dictate, of what they feel it should but all that matters right now to her is starting with a bang, a beautiful bang with beautiful sounds and feel, the skin, the breathe and the look, the sit and the silhouette of her body, her hair and her hands, lust  and found, a beautiful bang.

So 2018 started some few days ago with this beautiful bang, black and white with hidden faces, the surprise only us know and share, our lust found, the satisfaction of this is where to belong, the thrills of hope and illusions looking real because the real life is where the true experience is, the being in the moment and capturing the moment with beautiful actions and posture, the flash light and the breeze of the locations, the attention and the joy, the expression of humanity and its joy.

It all begins with a big bang the theory said, the present world, the many things we’ve been able to achieve with our brains, the pleasure discovered, the climax and the emotions, the relieve and the food and the clothes and the feel of breeze against the bare skin, nudity, the pleasure of being human.

Guess we are all in for a big bang.