21 Todo List Before Sunday

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– Have a date with a new girl
– A night out with the boys
– See a movie
– Read a book
– Call your family
– Be in a God gathering
– Wear a lovely outfit
– Come up with a life changing idea
– Have sex
– Get yourself something you love
– Connect with your root
– Make new friend
– Compliment a boy/girl (you might change there life forever with that)
– Inspire someone
– Listen to Lana Del Rey’s Album
– Know what suit your body
– Wear a happy smile on your face.
– Make your wife/husband happy.
– Check out Moet Abebe’s pictures.
– Visit Qluemagazine.com and follow all there social network handles. Twitter @QlueMagazine, Facebook – QlueMagazine, Bbm 2619574F, 7998629D
– And do something you wish you did in your childhood.
And don’t forget to party like it’s 99! On friday.

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