5 Biggest Lesson of 2015

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  We’ve learnt so much this year. Fashion is not just fashion, fashion is not about just the clothes you wear or how beautiful you look, fashion is all about you, style is all about how you see yourself, if you don’t own your skin, if you don’t love yourself, if you are not confident with who you are you won’t appreciate how your clothes fit, you won’t appreciate your style and that is a threat to your self esteem. It all begins with loving yourself, appreciating who you are and don’t let the world define you, define yourself and make your world beautiful in turn you’ll make the world beautiful. 

 Tess Holiday

 – Eff your beautiful standards. In the fashion world it’s all about size and the plus size don’t have a say, plus size are not put into consideration when designing, they are seen as irrelevant, the modeling industry embrace skinny because they make clothes beautiful and they are the ideal size for clothes and sexy. Tess Holiday changed all that by becoming the first size 22 model in the world and showing to the world that your size does not define you or how sexy you can look, also that your size does not limit your fashion sense and you can wear everything fashionable #effyourbeautystandard is against body shaming and the standard the world has created that you have to be a certain shape or size to be considered sexy or stylish. She taught us to love our size and damn how they see us, sexy is possible in every size. 


Serenity Hart  

 – Embrace your nakedness. We see nakedness or sex as an abomination, what you are not allowed to talk about. Many people around the world are not confident in their skin, they want a better body, they are ashamed of what their nakedness look like, which make them limit their lives to certain activities or places they can go to, even with their own spouse, the question is if you are not true to yourself, not confident  in your nakedness how will you be free with your partner, how will you be natural which in turn will reflect in your daily activities and your self esteem, low self esteem affect your depression level all just because you’re not confident in your nakedness because the world has make you believe been naked is wrong and improper, God create Adam and Eve naked, we are born naked, nakedness is the beginning of self love and the healthy food to our ego. Serenity Hart showed us how to embrace our nakedness. 



 – Nigeria movie industry tell good stories. For decades we have been hoping for a change in the story line of Nigeria movies, for the industry to capture a different side of our society and make us look more flexible and real and enough of the diabolic, voodoo and poverty story. The movie Fifty did that for us, telling the story of how busy women have fun, not considering their age or status, sexy is possible at any age and everybody is allowed to have fun and live. Cast Ireti Doyle, Nse Etim, Omoni Oboli, Dakore Akande and others.

The Weeknd 

– Sexy and raw is interesting. Singing about sex, pussy, getting high in song is a big No! The world tag that as inappropriate and a big foul, but that is just a way of the world limiting what we can do with creativity, The Weeknd changed all that, Beauty Behind the Madness is one of the best album of 2015 with 7 Grammy Nominations, now that is the world changing, that is the world appreciating sex talk, escaping from reality and experiencing freedom without feeling guilty. Just like what GQ most stylish man of the year 2015 (Kanye West) said “Awesome is possible”.

Harnaam Kaur 

 – Self love. She is the queen of self love, she wrote a letter to her body apologizing to her body, what better way can you preach self love, you can abuse your body and that can be a reflection of what you are going through, what the world is making you go through and you hate yourself for it and punish yourself, she was a victim of herself but everything changed when she found herself again, when she fell in love with herself, everything changed, her world became more beautiful and she enjoyed and love her new life. She knows many people suffer from self hatred, so she shared her story with the world, her road to recovery and she touched lives, many people suffer from different level of self hatred but once you begin to love yourself, you’ll begin to see how beautiful you are and the world will see you beautiful, it begins with you, nobody can define you, only you can define you or accept any kind of definition the world is giving you, so it’s all about you. 


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