5Things You Should Know About Bed Of Stone – Asa

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“Never has Asa’s voice been so precise and emotionally pure.”
She still has all the melodic grace she’s always been known for, but this time, it’s more troubling than ever. The songs on her new album Bed of Stone say much more than the emotions of Bukola Elemide, known as Asa. Her songs say a lot about our melancholy, our dreams, our thoughts and our reflections. It almost feels like they’ve have been part of our lives even before Asa wrote and sang them.
Grateful is a beautiful hymn of grace beyond any religious considerations that invites to look to the maker. Then there’s Satan Be Gone, based on a New Orleans rhythm, speaking of the battles against the horned one, alcohol and hate. Eyo, written in Paris and borrowing a melody for the Masks Parade in Lagos, a place where the streets know how to smile.

1.Dead Again
3.Satan Be Gone
4.Bed Of Stone
5.Moving On
8.How Did Love Find Me
11.New Year
12.The One That Never Comes
13.Sometimes I Wonder
14.Shine Your Lights

– Emotionally Pure
– Says much more than the emotions
– Real,Original, connected to the root.
– Artistic
– And it’s purely Asa

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