9 Things Aspiring Fashion Designers Are Tired of Hearing

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She may be an iconic name in the fashion industry these days, but there was once a time when Diane von Furstenberg started out with big dreams of becoming a designer, facing criticism from others before finally making it on her own and establishing DVF as one of the most successful global brands in the world. The House of DVF star offered some advice for young designers in an interview with Leaders Online: “Follow your heart. Just be true to yourself. At least then if you make a mistake, you know it’s your mistake. And don’t listen to too many things.” Here are the top things that aspiring fashion designers are tired of hearing from others, whether it be friends, family, or fellow fashionistas…

9. Indirectly insulting their work.
If you don’t like someone’s design, you’re not helping by speaking in cryptic code that nobody understands. Making something sound like a compliment (but it’s actually an insult) only leads to more confusion. Just say what you have to say!

8. Directly insulting their work.
It’s another story, however, when you straight up diss someone’s project. Besides, at the end of the day, your opinion on someone else’s design is merely that. An opinion and not a fact.

7. “You’ll never make it as a designer.”
This is probably the worst thing you can say to anyone who is aspiring to make it as a fashion designer. Talent is something that develops over time–it doesn’t happen overnight. Before Picasso became Picasso, we’re pretty sure he drew illegible scribbles that his parents proudly displayed on their fridge (or whatever they had back then), hinting at their future famous artist son’s talent.

6. “Don’t take this personally.”
The second those words come out of your mouth, the person you say them to is going to take them personally. There’s no way around it. It’s like when your BFF starts out a sentence with the words, “Not to be a bitch, but…”

5. “No one will wear this.”
Since when was one person the leading authority for everyone? Are you a representative of all the people in the entire world? Just because you won’t wear it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. And where did you get that outfit from anyway?

4. It’s either too trendy…or not trendy enough.
So you’re saying the outfit I designed is too trendy with these buttons on it? But if I remove them, it’s not trendy enough? No matter what I do, my design is still screwed.

3. Pointing out every single flaw,
no matter how minor. Hate the color? Check. Hate the style? Check. Hate the zipper? Now you’ve just gone too far.

2. “This is a very competitive industry.”
And so is every other industry. That doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t try.

1. “If you change this, this, and that,
it will be perfect.” So what you’re really suggesting is that I just start all over again from scratch and throw this in the garbage. 

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