A Beauty Trip To Amazon 

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Royce Samuel Felix Crown decided to portray an image he had in his head, with his team Royce Samuel of @ceezysstyling and Cass of @casskoncept1 and brought it to life with their beautiful muse Debbie @_emesomi.

The idea is to relate to women that they can be content with their beauty, naturally without having too much expectations to meet which they feel the society has set as a standard, that is why the forest, a garden or a tropical setting is still one of the most beautiful places to be in, none of the trees or leaves are competing with each other, they all have their aura, they are their own standards, so as the rose blossom with different colors, the coconut tree’s leave shine bright with their green colors, so the essence is for everywoman of color to be content with their skin, their beauty without settling for society standard rather staying in their standards, which is more comfortable and reliable for them and their sanity.Hair Photography

So when you want to wear that make up make sure it only enhances your beauty, not change who you are, make sure you control that outfit you are picking not the outfit controlling you, be your own style don’t let the style own you, be true to yourself, you are strong, you are great, you are unique, you are delicate, you are special, you are precious, you are pricelessFashion Amazon

Creative Team

Photographed by Felix Crown of @felixcrown

Hair styled by Royce Samuel of @ceezysstyling

Beauty art by Cass of @casskoncept1

Styling by Uduak of @uduak_ @gangstyling

Muse Debbie @_emesomi

Writer Royce Samuel @royce_samuel