A Different Generation

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Pool Girls

Photographed by Mouyor Buttons

Our ideas make us; our mind builds us to be whom we are. Sometimes we don’t know who we’ve turned out to be, a shadow of who we used to be but we are us in a different reality, the reality we’ve dreamt of at one point in our life, now that we’ve once experienced in our head but now we are living it, what changed? The old us that have transformed to who we are now, changed from we thought we are in our head when we imagined us.

Our mind explores new horizon, new grounds and new ideas that’s meant to change humanity but reality makes us lazy. Wondering if humanity is ready for a new revolution, a new way of life because we know how much we fear change and new place but we know this is what humanity needs at this point in time but who are we to decide what humanity want and needs. Energy won’t lie, they know the way and their vibe is right only if you know, you know.

Zen Gen

Go with the flow, your own flow, follow the lead of your energy and create instead of wondering what humanity needs, wondering if they’re ready or not or the amount of hate and love in their heart. Radiate the love you have in your heart, the creativity in your head and your idea of what humanity should be about at this time because sometimes humans are carried away not knowing what we need.

Let’s be humanity dream come true, we all have what it takes to make this place, this generation, a generation that will be the most talked about. Let’s raise the bar and be different from the past generations. When we were young, we dreamt of hope and better days, let’s be that hope, let’s be that super human being, we can be. This time is the perfect time to be that person this generation needs, to be celebrated yes! And to contribute to this time to make it interesting, impacting the lives of the growing ones to want to do more that what we’ve done, to impress the creator and to prove that we are not like the guy that buried his talent instead of making use of it, let’s use more than 10%, if more than 100% is possible let’s make that happen too.