A Little of Us We Keep For Ourselves

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Different people walk the face of earth and by looking at them we think we can read them because of their dress sense. Like that popular saying, dress the way you want to be addressed but many people hide under what they’re wearing so you can’t read them to take advantage of who they are. Some dress how they dress because they want to portray a different personality, the personality of the clothes they wear. We are always different from what we wear and how we act is the physical us, the real us is under that cloth, under that façade we show, the real us is that nudity we hide. Nudity is not just the skin, nudity is the our true existence, unclothed us, plain and true with no shame of self and societal pressure, some are scared of their nude though, too real for them to comprehend so they hide it away from the world and them-self.

Different things brought us to the point we are presently, different things motivate us to fail, to want to succeed or to watch time pass while we do nothing, life toil with us differently as we live. Emotions is what makes us human, the bond that brings us back to being human, that emotions we hide from people so they won’t take advantage of who we are, the real us. Trust is a big deal for humans, trusting someone with the real you is not easy, giving all of you is not the easiest part of a relationship or friendship because that person might turn out different and you’ll feel betrayed and let down. We heal differently too, some people healing can take forever while some people way of healing might be over a bottle of rum and blunt.

Self Pleasure

Aisha. Photographed by Edesiri Ukiri. Styled by Mouyor Buttons

Heartbreak is daily news, tears mixed with mascara, brave looking guy but inside he’s torn apart, some live in denial and don’t want to bother anybody so they share not but deal with it all by themselves. We deal with almost anything but the real us we protect because we love us, that’s why we protect us. Many live in denial that they live in the moment but a little of us we keep for ourselves, it’s ok because at the end of the day it will be us we’ll need when that time comes, either suffering from pain of the moment or the thrills of it, it’s ok to save a little of us.

So have fun with yourself, it’s allowed, hangout with yourself and treat yourself how you’ll want your lover to treat you because love is all we need, love can take us from where we are to where we want to be. Self-love is the beginning of all love that will help change the world, love yourself and lust for yourself too.