A Wonderful Black Human

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Feel it, feel the truth and feel the real meaning, the real words they try to hide from it’s truth, funny how the simplest things are the hardest to explain, we somehow just like it when we complicate things.

So why do I have to convince you that I’m human, why do I have to ask you for my right, like Fela said animal cannot give me human right, I’m human so it’s what I’m supposed to express because it’s the quality I possess as human, what we don’t know we easily judge and usually we fear change even at it smallest scale, we are easily contented, so trying new water we usually don’t like most times except if you’ve got the exploring vibes, understanding new culture and way of life even, the complexion of another skin too and their struggles, so you wonder when the different tone of skin have to battle for respect and validation, it’s all about personal conviction, if you are convinced that you are human then you’ve got that right, so you don’t have to ask for it again, just express you and live.

My skin should not offend you because you know my strength, my light and my power as a wonderful black woman.

Rules are meant to be broken and laws are meant to be changed and knowing what you stand for and what you are created for is the key, the world complain and talk about Trump everyday but one thing is, he’s teaching the world and everybody is to know their place and what they stand for and not what the government want them to represent, our culture made our complexion, our values and my skin is not a limitation, that they know too, so they fear the day you’ll discover you, the day you’ll know your right as human and when you’ll express it without asking for their permission.

It’s all about your level of the trust you have in you, it’s all about the truth you know about, so first discover you and then live, you don’t have to explain yourself, you are human, so live like one, your complexion doesn’t make you inferior or superior, only your sense and how much of you that you know, all that matter most is making the world a better place.

We preach love everyday, we preach for the world to be a better place but we offer visa before you can have access into a different country, you go through rigorous interviews just because you want to experience a different part of the world, how much humans have grown apart, yet we preach peace, guess we’re all hypocrites afterall.

Muse: @sheelamarieuse
MUA: @zora_eva
Shot by: @jazzysfotografi
Retoucher: @dupas.reginald