About Last Night, The Beginning Of Our Weekend Lust

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Lust girl Hold my hands while you lay beside me lover. Your warm breath on my skin is everything I crave. You’re my everything with your voice and your laugh and how you make me lust for your eyes. Inside of you I get lost sometimes, lost in lust, I enjoy the lust. It’s a beautiful vanity, a unique kind of joy. Words can never describe the energy you throw my way. The vibrations of the heavenly, erotic and dark as we lay outside underneath the clouds fills us up with desire we cannot deny. The brightness of the moon seeping into the dark room through the side swept curtains, casts pretty shadows on her skin and leaves dark mysteries between her thighs, and when she turns around her buttocks swells into a mound forming a silhouette of desire. The only thing that makes sense then is the beautiful. The beautiful love we will be making, a beautiful soft kiss on the bum with a tender bite, the beautiful sounds the kisses make as lips touch skin and skin touch lips. Burning candles spread a sweet fragrance across the room, scents of you and me and us, all mixed up to produce a beautiful steaming elixir. Smoothly and gently she moans as we move, in tune and in rhythm with the music playing in the dark. Her body moves at every thump of the beat, her nipple rests between my fingers and my palm, as my hand dissolves into the softness of her breasts. Elbow grazing ever so gently on the soft pubic hairs, her vagina smiles and smells pretty, ready to welcome every bump and every grind. The high frequency of the vibrator on her clitoris makes her squirm ever so beautifully, makes her want me more and me want her forever. We come alive in the night time and she’s alive and ready to go as she says “let’s fuck papi”.Sex

She came down with the bottle of vodka and a joint. She gave me the vodka and I took a gulp, and then she passed me the joint and I took a long hard drag. Although they call it devil music, it was the perfect sound for our sex today, dark and drunk, loud and metallic rock and roll, sent us howling into the night. “Let’s fuck mami” I said to her and she faced me with that killer view, apple booty right in my face as she took a pose on the chair next to the speaker. The joint in her finger, the vodka in my hand, she helped slide on the condom after sending me spiraling with that glorious blowjob. I went in slowly and smoothly and she found her rhythm so quickly it never failed to amaze me. She said the magic words, “papi, fuck”, and we fucked like never before. We fucked loud and fast, drinking and smoking and moving to the loud music. We never want to stop, my penis falls in love with her vagina as I’ve fallen in love with her, it’s like the first time every time. We fuck till she’s sore and still she won’t want to let it go. When I try to pull out, she backs her oh so beautiful ass, into me and I have to keep going. As we fuck I stare at the ass, it’s like a crystal ball and the future yet to come I see on this ass. She moves, I move and we move with a speed and a rhythm you only see with synchronized swimmers. The butt cheeks jiggle, calling on me I can almost hear them say they want me to grab them so I do. One hand on the cheeks, the other hand finds her breast when I get a few seconds of sanity before I’m sucked back into this beautiful decadent hole on this beautiful decadent woman. And when we finally finish, we cum like an explosion, in unison and at full strength. As we separate she finds my lips, she thrusts her boobs in my face, and I take it all in, in the moment every air I need to breath is right here, on these breasts. I hold them close as her fingers find my penis and she slips off the condom. She strokes the slimy dick with what’s left off our just concluded “conundrum”, and the little man reacts to the hands because the little man knows these hands, he’s friends with these hands. She strokes me while I suck on her breasts like an infant seeking milk. She grabs my head suddenly, yanking the nipple out my mouth, I’m trying to protest but she holds me steady and sends a big cloud of smoke straight into my face, I inhale. She raises herself up from on top of me and slides me back inside her. Slowly, she whines. Her hands move all over her body, tracing lines through her curves, into her hair, fingers squeeze her breasts as she touches herself and sucks her fingers. She moves closer to me and my lips meet with her lips, and just as the penis seems to be slipping out from inside, the walls of the vagina tighten around it and hold it firm, and we fuck. We fuck with our sexy parts, we fuck with our passionate kisses, lips and tongues attacking one another with equal fervor, we fuck with our hands roaming all over our bodies like treasure hunters lost on their way. My hands find their way back to her soft ass, and I squeeze and grab and as the tempo of our devil music seems to increase, the tempo of our love making raises too. We find a rhythm almost together and we fuck with all the strength we’ve got, and as I’m about to cum, she rains on my cock and I explode into her.Erotic sex

It’s one of those weekends where we push the limits as the rhythms of our bodies and minds dictate. We just want to be servants to our emotions and desires, as she stands up to go use the restroom and I follow her like a lost puppy. I’m holding on to her breasts, squeezing them from behind as she turns around and sits on the toilet seat. She takes my penis in her mouth and I grab a handful of her hair now wet with sweat from all the fucking. She does what she’s so good at, and as I’m stroking her back with my eyes closed shut, she teabags me and I’m over the moon. I grab on tighter to her boobs and her nipples are nice and taut as my fingers keep them company. She makes me cum inside her mouth, gets up, walks away from me, grabs the bottle of vodka and spits the semen inside the bottle and mixes it up, she takes the first gulp and passes the bottle to me. We drink and smoke and dance silly to our music in the background and we drink and smoke and we fuck till we’re oblivious to any other thing happening around us. We blacked out and woke up with my dick still inside of her and my hands still cupping her breasts. It must have been hunger that woke us up because we basically raced to the kitchen. She grabs some bread and I grab the spread, a knife and some juice from the fridge. We have some slices and some gulps before we break the silence that was only permeated by the sounds of cutlery hitting plates, chewing, drinking and swallowing, we were really hungry, all we wanted and needed was food. After the quick snack we gain some energy, she looks at me and I look at her and we look at each other with very suggestive facial expressions, and that was all it took. We rush towards each other and crashing into ourselves, we kiss and immediately find a wall for support. She puts me inside of her and we literally fuck on the wall and I’ve got my head between her breasts. The good thing we did was the rice we started to cook before the sex so it was the whistling of the pressure pot that broke us away before we got lost in our lust again. She has some more juice while I check on the rice, microwave some pepper soup and our breakfast is set. We eat on the floor a small distance away from the table and the breeze blowing the white chiffon curtains cools our sweaty bodies to a maximum, all we both have on are my white shirts. We move to the balcony where we lounge and watch the city, smoking, with some red wine, berries and carrots. At some point she picks up a carrot and slowly works it inside of her and gets all her juices on it, and then we eat it. She gave me a hand-job and made me cum inside a cup of wine and we drank from the same cup, she does the craziest weirdest creepiest things and I love it. We talk about everything, bouncing ideas off of each other about our career goals and dreams. She wraps her arms around me while standing behind me and she lays her head on my back and we talk passionately. She uses her hands to work on me and makes love to my body with just those hands, those friendly hands, those familiar hands in front of the city in the bright of the day, and we laugh at our daring act as we run inside to find the shower.The City

She scrubs me and I scrub her and we bathe in lust. After drying off her body she goes to the fridge, gets some honey and pours it on her shoulders and on her chest and I watch as it drips and slides down slowly, down her arms and fingers, down her breasts and nipples, down her tummy and navel, into her pubic hair and vagina. She finger fucks herself while I use my finger to scoop some honey from her body into her mouth and she sucks my finger, it drives me nuts the way she does that. I find some smoke and we smoke together and she touches herself and I reunite with her breasts. This is turning out to be an insane weekend.