About Nicki Minaj’s Dazed Cover

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“This era will be a billion times more epic than anything ‘Anaconda’ could have delivered. I think this era will definitely be the most memorable and the most impactful of my career yet.”

“This is my main stomping ground. Every day is different. Some days I’ll go into the studio at six in the morning, some days I won’t come out until six in the morning.”

“I’ve made it my business with this album to not even put a date or a deadline on it,” she says. “I can’t say if I’m fifty-per-cent, eighty-per-cent or ten-per-cent done, because I don’t know. Tomorrow, I might walk into the studio and decide that I don’t like anything I’ve done in the last six months. Or, tomorrow I might walk in and feel like the whole album is done. There’s so much beauty in not knowing. I just want to go in the studio and create like I used to, before there were any expectations. You know? When I was just having fun, working on my mixtapes, going in and creating… writing my little life.”

“I didn’t realise the water would have so much of an effect on me,” she reveals, “but it keeps me calm. It does something to me. Even when it’s raining I go out on my balcony and all I can see is water and the sky, and I feel so small in relation to the world that I have no choice but to feel super-grateful. It’s been making me centre into myself.”

“I have just been saying whatever the eff I want. That’s always a breath of fresh air,” she says matter-of-factly. “Everyone is so filtered these days. I’m just back to being reckless and being a Southside, Jamaica, Queens, New York rapper. You know? I kind of feel like I’ve been having freedom with my look and my music. It doesn’t mean that I won’t go into depth about my experiences on this album.” Those may include the ongoing Remy Ma feud, her breakup with now-ex-boyfriend Meek Mill, the rekindling of her friendship with Drake, or a number of other personal, professional or political dramas. “I’m going to go even deeper than I went with The Pinkprint, because I have a lot to talk about. Why not? I feel like when your fans wait two years for you to put out another album, it has to be worth it. It has to be an honest exchange of dialogue.”

“Well… you know me,” Minaj says with a laugh. “Things have to be addressed, that’s all I’ll say. Things that have to be addressed have to be addressed, and I will figure out a way to address them – you know, without being disrespectful. I think there’s room to have a respectful conversation, politically. I do think so.”