Add Color To Your “White Collar”

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Are you tired of wearing the same old blah colors, such as black and grey? Are you bored getting dressed every day for work? Tired of grabbing the same old thing thinking “this will do?” Are you afraid to add some color to your outfits to make an impression and stand out from the crowd? 

Well, let me tell you… being the same is not going to get you far in your career. NOPE it’s not!”

Most People who work in co-operate offices use black, grey or dark blue as their power colors, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Just cos its called “White Collar Job” shouldn’t make your style obvious and cliche….  Color can be used to convey that same Powermessage”. I find we often get comfortable in our everyday routines and we don’t take note that our wardrobe holds us back from getting noticed…for a possible promotion or even been credible. Adding color in your wardrobe can be a powerful psychological tool and confidence builder. By using color psychology you can send a positive or negative message such as encouraging sales, inspiring your team or calming a meeting.  You may know black is a power color but what we don’t know is, black is also a somber color, sometimes associated with evil (the cowboy in black was the “bad guy”).  Black is also associated with grieving. It is a serious color that evokes strong emotion; you can easily overwhelm people with too much black. Let’s talk about the PANTONE color of the  year, Radiant Orchid(Purple), considered to be THE COLOR OF 2014.  This is a color that can be added to anyone’s wardrobe, if your natural coloring can support it though. 
The color purple is most recognized with the royals (Kings and Queens), which is associated with wealth, prosperity, rich sophistication.  This color also stimulates our brain activity and is best used when problem solving. However you want to be careful not to overuse this color, as you may come off as artificial. 

A great way to add this into your wardrobe is to use it as an accent color…perhaps your blouse or Shirt, a camisole, maybe a scarf or Neck Tie, purse, cufflinks or another accessory.  If you are bold enough and it is one of your best colors, wear a dress or skirt and pair it with nude shoes and a fun jacket. For guys you can color block a little by trying purple pants or blazer..
There are so many different shades of this color that you are bound to find one that works well for you. You are going to see this color a lot throughout the year – on celebrities, in our foods, at weddings, our make-up choices and on Michelle Obama. 
When you think you can’t find anything to wear with this color, think again.  Pair it with grey and black, tone on tone, metallics and white.  Have fun with it this season! Stand out with confidence in creating your personal brand and have the power to make a great first impression!


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