Sacred Art of Ori

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Art by Laolu for Reign Global This is one of the best time to be an African, this time is when the African culture and beliefs is gradually taking over the world and African gods are becoming celebrities, their power and influence and teachings, the world is gradually beginning to understand, more like the works of Fela taking his, our music and our beliefs out there is finally paying off, because the African culture is art and it’s in you to make you a better person and also to make the world a better place.

Can bet many don’t know Thor is Sango the god of thunder and lightning, that sexy super hero that was played by Chris Hemsworth, in this side of the world Ori guides and lead the way, guess that explains “the sacred art of Ori” by Laolu.

Laolu for Cosmopolitan

His form of art is taking over, body art and fabrics art, his movement sacred art of Ori is the interpretation of the beliefs of the African people, the Yoruba belief of destiny, his art which are basically intuition and the feel of energy and the vibe of the orisa he feels at the moment, this move his thoughts and mind and hand to create those art that fascinates us and beautify the skin, making the body more attractive and loved.

It’s deeper than just the lines and colors that are been drawn on the body, it’s a different kind of tattoo, this is art and it’s got a beautiful influence on you, impacting in you energy and good vibrations that’ll shape your mind and gives you a new understanding of you, respect and the understanding of creativity not only from the part of the artist but to the owner of the body too.

Art on Bronze, Bronze Gallery

Laolu success is a motivation, in his recent interview with cosmopolitan where he talked about leaving Nigeria for Brooklyn, how he struggled but never gave up and how he was discovered by Beyoncé and that’s how his story changed and he’s everywhere now making beautiful art with great deep meaning and good energy that’s contagious and the global message he’s preaching with his art, the love of self.

the goddess

Reign Global APIIM one of the people that truly understands the vibe of his art since he was first discovered by Beyoncé, Swizz Beat and Alicia Keys, Jussie Smollett, Lupita Nyongo, the list is almost endless. His art preaches diversity and love and acceptance with no form hate or discrimination. Art is a universal language that can be understood by all, his art he’s using as a tool to reach out to the world.Swizz Beat Jacket by Laolu

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