After Work Outfit

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Office can be really stressful and hectic, many can’t wait to get home or leave that work environment. Sometimes it’s the kind of cloth we wear to work that make us feel so, the serious looking outfit and can be the shoe or the working attitude you need to put on to be able to function well at work. But getting home you need freedom, you want to breathe, drink, hangout, spend some quality time with your friends and your boy or girlfriend, but still you need to look trendy and hot or maybe sexy.
So let’s go through the process to achieve that comfy life after work.

#1. The striping. You need to strip your self out of those boring clothes, they’ve made you feel that way all day.

#2. Shower. Hit the shower and get that water flowing all over body, washing away the stress of the day and giving you a new fresh breathe and look.

#3 So where do you want to go? Hang out with friends, the bar, date, cook, or you just want to catch your favorite soap? You can still look trendy in all of this. Staying trendy makes you happy and always ready for that visitor you’re not expecting.

Hanging Out.
A pair of jeans,Tshirt or short sleeve shirt and your slip on. Ladies that sexy free blouse, you can try the ripped Tshirt on you and a pair of jeans, jeggings or chinos.

The Bar.
That’s public and you should curb that compliment. Casual but trendy and a little bit of colour should do, depending on your personality and the kind of compliment you want.

The Date.
How important is this date and the venue?. That’ll determine what you should wear. She a new girl you’re trying to impress? That Alexander Mcqueen simple mystic shirt and your chinos will rock her world, just the simple not official not serious look and ladies dazzle him with your River Island cut out sexy maxi dress or the Aztec Sequin sexy dress better that beautiful evening dress.

The Cooking.
Your chinos combat short, or the short knickers jeans and a Tshirt or tank top. You’ve been on trouser all day at work let the legs breathe. And the ladies cooking sexy can’t be more fun with your short knicker jeans jumpsuit or your bum short and tank top or that light cotton loose Tshirt maybe the ripped one.

Don’t forget to brush after dinner before you get into that sexy night gown and a soft calm music to rock you to sleep while you dream of the feature.

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