All Things Royal with Kera J – Design Process 

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The beautiful thing about fashion and creating trends is the flexibility. You can generate your design in a manner that suits you, it’s all about how you treat your inspiration. It’s all about your process of creation, creating a piece, and different influence. The different process applies to the different creators and in fashion the inspiration and method is different too. Generating ideas is a method that is peculiar to everybody in different ways, for this piece on “All things Royal with Kera J” she’ll be talking about her process of coming up with her designs and her influence, also showing us a tip of what her next collection will look like as she is in the process of creating something new.

Design process ?

 “I don’t take the usual path for a design process and some can argue and say that’s because I’m in the beginning stages but I don’t think so.I think I will use this method even up until I’m a fashion mogul! Most research,design, then get fabric to make product. Mine is kind of total opposite. I actually get my fabric first. I never have any specific designs at this point but an idea of numerous things scattered everywhere. Once I get to the fabric store I don’t look for a specific one, I see which one talks to me in a sense. If I like a fabric I buy it, I don’t think about “oh is it a good fit with the last fabric I purchased”, I simply buy on what I feel. 

If you are waiting for my collections to be the same kind of fabric flowing together or same patterns, I wouldn’t hold my breath. It’s really a carefree and thoughtless process. My collection is all over the place but it some how still connects and show the purpose of the entire brand. Individuality/showcasing art/Not being afraid to show up and show out ! So if we are being honest my process is think less create more!”.

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