All Things Royal with Kera J

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Fashion and styling is all about our emotions and love, our craving and our ideas, the colors of our mind and how beautiful we think. It’s about different influences in our life and the amount of love we house.

Kera J’s entire vibe is based upon colors and artistic interest, not conforming to what norm is. Her designs have their own influence: bold and confident. Being given the name #thewavygoddess by a close person to her is pretty suiting for the young/vibrant Kera J. She is a goddess that acts on her vision . She is confident within herself and knows what she wants to do with this fashion life. She definitely walks to the beat of her OWN fashion drum. This young lady is greatness in the making!

With greatness comes doubt , “When everyone heard I was going to school for fashion some would say things like “I didn’t know that was a real major” or “fashion isn’t a real job Field to go into” or “don’t you have to be in a big city for that” …To someone who didn’t believe in themselves, those comments would have brought a lot of doubt but it never made me think twice about my major. Like I honestly NEVER backed away from majoring in fashion NOT ONCE! “. People tend to want to influence our lives without considering what makes us happy or what our goal is, they tend to criticize our choice because of where they are in life or what they are normally comfortable with seeing.

She became motivated and instead of quitting or not shooting for her dreams, she became stronger and came up with designs that shock the world and catch many eyes while doing it . It was not about what they think or their thought about what the fashion industry is, it’s about her passion and her goal to make the world better by styling people and making their wardrobe fun to be in.

“It actually motivates me to show everyone that a small town girl can be just as successful in the fashion world as anyone else ! Why not me ? Why not Kera J ? You know?”

Welcome to “All things Royal” by Kera J, world are you ready ?

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Facebook Page – “TheWavyGoddessKeraJ”