All We Did Was Double Tap

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Nigerian Girls Photography by Felix Crown

Looking back at 2017, from the beginning, to the first quarter, then the mid-year, then the third quarter and now, days count down to another first, looking back to our beautiful habit this year, what we did more this year, we double tap a lot and we love it, because every time we double tap, its means we couldn’t resist the beauty of what it is, every tap was because we loved it, innovative and interesting, sexy and attractive, can almost say it was the best thing we did.

Fashion Editorials Photography TY Bello

Photography is the most interesting thing right now happening to humanity, happening to our social world and it’s helping our creativity and how we think, our boldness and how we crave for things and the interpretation of our ideas, creating images that will make people want to double tap with joy.

Toke Makinwa Toke Makinwa

It’s been a year of good photography, yeah of good fashion and style, new kind of boldness, the type that is different from what my society used to know, the girls now more confident about their body, and are always happy to take risk with their clothes and even the kind of photos they take, the boys too, showing sexy and being sexy is their new crave, the quest for six packs and clothes that fit their ego, some corporate and decent and some freestyle and street style, it’s all about the expression of their personality without the thought or fear of been judged.Lara Cole

It’s been a year of freedom, freedom of speech even, freedom of thought and action, the thrills of bringing to reality and being real, guess the world is tired of pretense and people acting to please people or the society, the world wants freedom, so new rules are been made and old rules are been broken everyday, new sense of fashion and guts, new social habits and lyrics, life this year is one interesting one aside from the hash economy and the depression that’s rocking the country, but people around here live with hope of a better tomorrow, a better time, even with the increasing rate of suicide, people are still dressing fun and having great parties and relationships that will make you wish for one yourself.

Photography by Motolani Olorunlogbon

We love everything we’ve double tap this year, we love pictures and we love fashion let’s double tap more.