All We Want to be is a Woman

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Sexy Woman All we want to be is a woman, that’s what we are born as and that’s what we want to be, in all of our glory and our mite, with all we can be, all we just want to be is a woman, pretty and sexy with the power to do what we want to do, how we want to do it and not how the society or the world want us to do it, all we just want to be is that pretty human with a beautiful body, as a woman we are given birth to and we love our body and our sense of being a woman.Many men will tell you if they were a woman they will have sex more, they will tell you how glamorous they will dress and how not minding the tricks of the society on how to limit them and what they can do, they’ll tell you of how equal they will feel in this world that the segregation is high, where men are treated different from women, the many things they can possibly do if they were a woman. Many of this men are the ones making the rules that’s limiting the women for many generations now, their ideas and what they are allowed to-do, the activities they can partake in and even how they should live their life and you’ll wonder if this is all they’ll want to do as a woman and IRL you can’t allow your women to be this.Sexy We can all talk about the beauty and the pleasure of sex, the power of freedom and the fun of creating and contributing to the development of earth without been relegated and limited to the things we can do, life is beautiful, our life is beautiful and we can’t be sorry for being born a woman because it’s a blessing to be a woman, to have sexy body and sexy breast, and the ass that fit, with a killing smile, life as a woman is what we want to experience and we should not be treated wrongly for being a woman, we are human as a woman and that’s all that matters.As a woman I’m free to be me, I’m free to be my ideas, I’m free to express my views and contribute to humanity the best way I can and also I have right to my body and what I can do with my body. I am a woman and I’m proud to be one.