Alternative Fashion Girl

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Pink Girl I know it’s not new the statement of how life is too short to wear boring clothes, even though we are place here to live for eternity, it will be a waste of eternity to wear boring clothes even because boring clothes are sad and are for sad people and we are not meant to be sad, being sad is a waste of the eternity that we’ve got, so why don’t we just make happy instead and live like prince and princess and like in the romantic novel, happily ever after.

I know people that hate being basic and they are the fashion girls, when it’s regular they are not a fan of it, tasking their brain to produce trend that will catch your attention is their calling and what they live for, they dress up for a living and they look glamorous, everyday is like playing dress up and they are never basic because they’re alternative and urban, chick and trendy, making you see the beauty in life when you don’t dress boring.

Fashion The alternative chick is the chick that make the ordinary mind wonder what she’s thinking because her sense of style will make you wonder the kind of influence in her life and how interesting she’s living, the alternative chick is a style influencer that attract everybody to her life and wardrobe and you can ask yourself who hate the popular kids? everybody love it when you’re loved. In this age of creativity our daily lives is been run by how we think and how we appear all thanks to Instagram and other social networks, her life as an alternative fashion girl is about the creativity she sees in clothes and the ability to mix it all to make a beautiful sense.

Alternative Fashion The moral of being a fashion girl is the freedom that you experience in living life, the glamour that your life represent, living on your own terms and not that of the society, making your mind of good quality of life that speak of the goodness of being different, though the world is design to hate what they can’t understand, you are always stronger than them, they know it and that’s why they hate you because they can’t win you.