Amy Winehouse is the reason I make music – Adele

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 There are some artists you’ll be glad you’re a fan of, Amy Winehouse was that kind of artist, i most time say to myself that i love the hold she’s got on me, was so glad when Adele talked about how Amy made her do what she’s doing now. In an interview with Vice’s i-D – Adele reveals that she was just as big of a fan (if not more so) than the rest of us.

  She shares:

“If it wasn’t for Amy and Frank, 100% I wouldn’t have picked up a guitar, I wouldn’t have written Daydreamer or Hometown and I wrote Someone Like You on the guitar too.”

Adele clarifies that the two weren’t friends, but did attend the same school for a brief period of time. She says she adored Winehouse and wavered on whether or not she would watch Amy, a documentary released in July 2015, which chronicled the soulful songstress’s life through a compilation of personal testimonials as well as previously unreleased footage and tracks.

“I wasn’t going to [see it]. I loved her and I went through my own massive grieving process as her fan. I’d finally got to a place where I felt really great about the impact she’d had on my life, in every way. I felt really, really fond of it all. But then I read this review of it and that made me go and see it.”

She adds that, while the funeral coverage was moving, she felt almost like she was playing voyeur to some of Winehouse’s more intimate moments:

“I got super emotional with the funeral footage. But I wasn’t really that into the saved voicemails and stuff like that. I felt like I was intruding so I actually felt a little bit uncomfortable and that ruined it for me. I love watching her, but I kind of wish I hadn’t seen it. But you know, I love Amy. I always have, I always will. Do you know what makes me super sad? That I’m never going to hear her voice again, other than how I’ve heard it.” 

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