Anne Jacob Atelier Photo Book ‘ARIE’.

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Styled by Anne Adigun, photographed by YJPictures

The sister, the friend, the wife. whatever the role you take on, whatever the occasion, style is beautiful and you can’t be over dressed, you’ll always be in style, just like your perfume, they will remember your style too and history you make, beautiful story and the designer you make people appreciate their works, the craft and creativity, the quest of making the human body beautiful and attractive, for all they really want to do is cure boredom, life is sweet when you’re stylish, stay stylish, AJA caters to you.

Specialized in couture tailoring, bridal wear, couture fabrics and ready-to-wear pieces. The common thread amongst every AJA piece is the glamour and elegance. Aja’s collections greatly inspired by women from all over the world, from the tones and cuts of their pieces to the garment construction and campaigns.

Stylish Abuja Fashion

Anne Jacob. Styled by Anne Adigun, photographed by YJPictures

Whether you like the subtle or sleek look, our cool colour tones, deconstructed shapes with details,

asymmetrical cuts, and clean panels that exude glamour and elegance will be a great option to stand out

from the crowd at any special occasion, which is how we want every AJA woman to feel when wearing

one of our pieces”

– Founder and Head Designer, Anne Adigun

Every AJA piece is beautiful in its simplicity and timelessness, designed with you in mind and made to last, in their studio in Nigeria where designers pay special attention to minute details to ensure that every woman feels confident and special.

The ARIE collection includes a unique combination of different luxe fabrics, stunning designs, and a wide

selection of wardrobe items to ensure that every 21st century woman finds a piece to suit her taste.

Creative Direction: AJA Team (@AnneJacobOfficial)
Photography: Femi Joseph (@YJpictures)
Styling: Anne Adigun (@AnneAdigun)
Hair: Ehis Johnson (@EhisHair)
Makeup: Ronald (@Ronaldthe7th)

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