Ara the Queen of Talking Drums

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Ara - Talking drum player Let’s talk in drums, let’s talk in style and elegance and beautiful rhythm that’ll cause you to dance and listen and enjoy every stroke of the drum stick as it hit the drum every time, the vibe and strength and style, the dance it erupts in you, the movement, the gesture of the body, the long hair and the look in her eyes as she plays, the queen of drums, she’s got a spell you can’t resist, your attention she’ll surely catch.

Still rare for a woman to play drums, especially the local drums, the talking drum and batá, omele, sakara and its many like, even as a man back in the day, the unserious people and lazy they tag those that engage in singing and drums playing, though it’s a culture of some families as it’s their trade mark, family business to play drums.

First female talking drummer - Ara

When she came into the industry, she made the mainstream come to her, her passion caught the world’s attention, her confidence and her vibe, her beauty and her poise, then the sounds that comes from the drum sealed it all, every time she plays, she play good.

Ara like her name interprets, style, her vibe is African Influenced, the attitude of a modern day girl with the soul that plays drum, for from the drum heaven she was made, her strength like a warrior, her expression as she plays you’ll enjoy every beat of the drum, her dance moves, as she enjoys playing, you’ll definitely enjoy listening, her sounds is the modern day vibe of the local rhythm and sounds that has form the culture she’s proud of, the culture of groove and percussion, of grace and dance, of beautiful bodies that are not mocked but praise, curves and elegance, Ankara and braided hair, satisfaction and dance routine that’ll make you want to dance, you can’t help but fall in love with her every time.

Ara - Queen of talking drums

Not just her sounds and vibe you’ll like, her style and name too, her hair and her band, her style of play and the beautiful spell she cast when she plays, you’ll love how you listen and dance to her play.