Art of Her 7

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Graphical Art by Queen C. Star7 is a lucky number, 7 is the heel of her shoe that elevates her and her dreams to match the reality she’s living, the soft colors she paint the world with, artistic and abstract, pretty and attractive, same with her dreams and her charm and how she pitch her ideas, her art is a benchmark of time, she owns it her own way, the essence of her evolution.

Live like it’s the last day, affect the world the way we live, making people’s stare worth it, interesting fashion and pretty ideas that will make this place a better place and how she walk, putting beautiful ideas in their mind, distracting people from the reality but make them imagine and live in illusion willingly, her 7 transport you from the world to your mind, to the world you’re sure of, where your super powers live. We’ve all got it in us, the ability to be 7, to create magic and be attractive, to own time. We all have that magic, we all have that charm, and the ability to seduce. In this age it’s all about creating, creating new world, new culture and new art, new 7 to tell us new stories and motivates us differently, art communicates to us differently, we just need to look closer and free yourself, follow it lead and experience a different existence.

Queen C. Star

In different shade we exist, different perception of the world we live in, different understanding of time and how to affect the world differently from the generations before us, it’s all about new love for the world and its fullness therefore, new mix of colors, new art, new understanding and visions just as the artist represents with her billion dollar piece.

Graphical Art by Queen C. Star