Act of Life; After this Happened

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Motolani Olorungbon We’re born into this world, for some rich, for some poor, for some into a privilege family, for some into a family without those privilege, for some into a family of shame and reproach and for some into the royal and luxurious family, that family with no lack but abundance, one thing for sure in this world, change, change is the only constant thing and that has been the nature of the world since creation and that has been what has make the world evolve to its present stage.

In this world the universe always have its way of pushing us to the limit, to be the better side of us, even if it means everything going soar for a long time without hope, it always push you to hunt and fight and survive for that which you desire, but only if you truly desire it, you’ll get it, for everything you imagine you can hold, more like every imagination comes with a 3d printer and you can just print them to reality but the quality of your printer is the quality of what it produce, the quality of your manifestation.

It’s a fact that in this part of the world, the third world where people live on less than a dollar a day, the poverty level deepens as the leaders and governments loot away the resources meant for the growth and betterment of its citizen, but the passion for survival you’ll definitely see in the face of people, the hope and struggle to be better, to be rich, to wear beautiful clothes and throw that big party, to experience wealth and live like a King and Queen, to be influential and respected like a Don, the strength of hope for survival of all is not lost you see in their face.

Photography of LifeLike Coco said, luxury is never the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity, even in their poor and sad stage the element of style you can see in their lifestyle, the style and luxury they could afford, fashion is never just about the luxury and the bespoke clothes, fashion is everything, fashion is every stage of life, fashion is your confidence and hope for survival, fashion heals, your ego and pride, it gives you a better way to think victory and success and breakthrough, fashion just drives you and makes you seek the better version of you every time because it builds your taste, it makes you aspire for more better things, fashion just sets you free.


In this world where reality is stranger than our dreams, your inner strength you tap into and depend on, for the society only care about its own, it cares about what works for itself, so you have to be selfish with a good heart, the selfishness that translate your idea of what humanity should be about and not the general and regular thinking of the society, the society will always give you a reason to remain poor and task yourself less, to feel lazy and depend on the little income that has contribute just a daily survival to your reality but your selfishness with a beautiful heart will shape the world into a better place, but it all depends on what has made you, the thought in your mind.

We often know the source of our downfall but guess many are too busy lamenting and wishing than finding solution, we are what we think they say, and our brain and thought is our greatest weapon, so poor and rag is not poor and rag if you don’t think poor and rag, poor and rag might be the façade but not the depth of the seed planted inside, the seed of hope and beautiful dreams of making reality augmented and beautiful, for seed grows, for time change, for the poor becomes rich, for the rags turns into luxury, for lifestyle change and the poor now live like prince and princess and clean water is serve to them for they are now the fairer skin.

Photo Credits:

Designer: Herbdul Couture & 235 Couture

Model:Olatayo Ogunrinde (@thayour360) &  Rebecca Giwa (@giwabeca) of P&F Models.

Photographer: Motolani olorungbon (@motolaniolorungbon)

MUA: Daffodil makeover (@daffodil_makeover)

Stylist: Adeleye aiyemonase (@leyeaiyemonase)