Art of Photography; Nude

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The art of nude is one interesting form of art, the art of appreciation of the human body and the glorification of it depicting emotions and the possibilities in the body of human nature, away from the perception of many relating the naked human body to seduction and illicit act, representing the human body as a sexual subject making the art of nude as an object of improper act. The human nude is really a representation of the creative sense of the creator, acknowledging the work of his sense and showing the strength and vigor in the human body.

Creating nude photography relates to everybody differently as a result of different influence in our lives and the interpretation to the different ways we live life and our believes and love for art and the human body, the art in the human body is glorious and full of celestial appreciation of the detailed creation of the body and its potential. Nudes unlike how it is been seen now due to new doctrines and influence of what is been perceive as modesty which has help us to neglect the real and natural image of the human body but to paint the image of the human body in a particular form to depict a perfect body making all other body look inferior or not a perfect body creating the quest for humans to have a certain kind of body. The human body was created in different form to perform different functions and to fit for its numerous use, some modern way of the human body depiction has lost the art of the human body caging it into a secluded view of what the body is, sexual.

Nude art is beautiful, depicting the real feelings of the human body, the emotions in their life and the trueness of the body in its real glory, showing the art of the body unclothed, this images has been used to express the ideals of human qualities and the beauty of both the male and the female figure. Value of our sexuality has been placed in our sex and how satisfying it is to the other sex making the body play a specific kind of role when depicting the nudity of the human figure which has help paint the illicit sexual image of the body, nudity is our everyday life and the ideal of our true and real self.

“In the convention of heroic nudity, gods and heroes were shown nude, while ordinary mortals were less likely to be so”

The true celebration of the human body is in its nudity, the beautiful unclothed figure of the beautiful curves and the expression of emotions, the strength and energy of the body, the flexibility and its rigidity, though as seductive and appealing nudes art may be, they are meant to stir the mind as well as the passions, the idea of celibacy discourage the art in nudes transforming the idea into the symbol of shame and sin, weakness and defenseless creating less confidence in the body and diminishing the glory in the body and its artistic genre too.

Nudes a representation of the innocence of the human body, of the tender love and appreciation embedded in our body to attract and create connections and emotions that are meant to translate our pure intention of self love and artistic heart in appreciation of the complexion of our skin and the beauty in it too, embracing the person we are, not the society telling who we are.

The creation of art is always fun, though tedious with lots of things coming into life as the perfect image is been created, the skill of the photographer, location and the subjects, the flexibilities of the body and the muscles too, the expression in each shot, the lust in the eyes and the strong masculine pose, the synchronization of the body as the two body flow in the accord of the comfort and enjoyment of both body creating images that will caress our thought with beautiful artistic imaginations of the possibilities in the body.

The innocence of the subject to express the imagination of the photographer to capture innocence in a different light, the true and natural poise of the bodies as they pose in front of the photographer to relate and to translate what the photographer pictured as a form to express innocence and the art in the moves and stretching of our natural body.

The kind of energy our body exact sometimes we love, and the satisfaction it gives us when we act in accordance, the twisting and stretching of the muscles to heal and comfort the elements of our body, even the calmness some of the pose affect in us to help us meditate and free our head of thought that eat our time off. Energies of two different bodies synchronize when the vibe is right to move in rhythm to capture the combination of the art in the different body and that of the eye behind the lens.

True expression of joy and pleasure don’t really hide, the comfort and calm charm the body lay to portray the much satisfaction in the comfort of nude, the strength of a god and the submissiveness of a goddess to exalt  the feelings of  trueness and pureness in expressing love in the body, feelings of enjoyment ruling the moment of the sensation two bodies make, the beauty of lust in the masterpiece of the body, like art it appeals to different people from different perspective, we see art with different mind giving it different interpretation depending on how we see it, as a masterpiece created by the creator we fit into all forms making the definition of beautiful bodies wide.


Photography by – Motolani Olorungbon

Models – Joke and Mouyor Buttons