The Funmi Iyanda’s Influence

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Funmi IyandaThe mind is a beautiful thing that has built us and made us to be who we are, the kind of life we live and how we live the life, with the kind of impact we make and affect the world and people around us with, the mind has always been the true measurement of our personality and what we are made of, the mind leads the way every time.

Environment too they say influence the kind of life you live, parental upbringing and what you see around, lucky for us, people in this generation, technology has been an influence to our lives and how we live, the kind of show you watch on TV not only contribute to your style of thinking but it contribute to what makes you, all thanks to the birth of social networks for this current generation that has change and redefine life and existence, in the era of radio and just TV it was a limited and controlled environment where you have limit to what you can access but since the birth of internet and social network the human race was given a new level of freedom as you can access almost anything from the comfort of anywhere you are.Nigeria Media Personality

“I love my life l am powerful l am beautiful l am free. I love my life l am wonderful l am magical l am me…” Yes we all are, we all can be. – Funmi Iyanda

One thing you’ll notice about her is how beautiful her mind is, her bold eyes and confidence and the audacity in the tone of her voice, her sense and how she relate to different things, her understanding about the concept of existence and the maximizing of one’s ability as human, the African spirit you’ll notice too, that rooted Yoruba influence that will charm you to want to know more and learn from her feet, she’s a teacher and fearless, saying it just as she thought it to be, anti-society, not your everyday woman that sit and wait for the society to dictate to her how she’s supposed to live her life or relationship, if it were to be in the dark age, the existence before now she’ll either be tagged as a beautiful white witch or a goddess, a goddess of self that live her life just as she deem, and living her life inspire thousands of people across the globe.

Thinker. Doer. Lipstick wearer. Cat not Dog. – Funmi Iyanda

Ask Funmi Iyanda How she treat different topics on her show you’ll admire, even if you don’t think like her, her level of thinking will get you addicted to thinking and seeing things from a different point of view, that point of view the society is not thinking about, a rebel like what the common mind in the society will call her but a beautiful rebel with chic African influenced sense of style people that appreciate her will call her, people she has inspire and help to be better.

My nature is love and l love me most. No-one and nothing is allowed to make me less than my true nature of love. – Funmi Iyanda

She sees beyond the ordinary like a witch, she understands your craft like she live in you, her vast knowledge will seduce you to want to understand things like she do, her love for art and creatives you’ll want to emulate as she makes you understand what creativity is and it’s beauty, the crave to better humanity with everything she’s involved in.

From her days on NTA New Dawn she has been an inspiration, attractive with a sense of humor that is contagious, even her sense of discussion and how she relate with what you’re talking about, you’ll want to keep talking and for the listeners you’ll want to keep listening, how she twitch her lips and blink her eyes will keep you alive through every of her discussion. She introduces you to people every time, even for the people you already know, another side of them she’ll introduce you to.

Sexy Funmi Iyanda Guess it’s safe to call her G.O.A.T already “Greatest of all time” like the women that has shaped humanity, strong and bold and daring with the attitude to change the world and free people from the snare of the evil people, the politicians and people that rob their congregation of their innocence and pride, making them slave of themselves and their belief, extorting the wisdom of their mind to live in the disguise and the fake illusions the people they’ve put their trust in have created and they live unfulfilled because they decide to follow the sense and what the society define as way of life or decency making them to live less and not knowing their ability and strength.

You’ll always love her lipstick and her Afro and her goddess vibe.