Athena the Farm Girl in Ankara Big Bow #BlackDiamond

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Athena Styled @fabstyle_101.Photography @anagobolaji. Mua @beautiepalms

Girl in the woods? No, girl in the farm with the blend of glamour that she is, the tone of her skin, the heritage from the generation that built her to be this version of her, in the present world that she now live in and make beautiful, with sense of her style and the smile on her lips enjoying the feel of the farm.

Let’s take it back to under the blue sky, with a girl that remind us of the beauty in everything, the art of earth with the big Ankara bow flirting with the crops that feed us, accessorize like the modern day girl, stylish with bright smile, a reflection of what girls can be, the joy that can be experienced loving yourself, her complexion is her pride, her style is the woman that sees and love beautiful things.

Farm Girl


Nature bring to us a different kind of joy, they bring to our awareness the joy of natural things, plain and true, obeying their own laws, living without the thought of being judge or shamed, they just love and make beautiful, they live and feed humanity with the fruit that they bear, they teach us we can bear those fruit too because through the same natural process we came into existence, though we were first buried but when we are done dying, we were born and we were born new, not ashamed of who we are, living is the only thing we know.Sexy Farm Girl

Ankara is the symbol of Friday in my society and we love it, maybe because it takes us back to our root and remind us of the beauty of our root, but as a stylist a different twist she adds to the style, blending with it the blend of now, the mix of style and accessories in nature, the tone of her complexion speak for her, her smile too, the reflection of the girl she is, the happy girl vibe.