Bad Boys Bring Heaven to You

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Let bad boys bring heaven to you even before you get to experience the illusion of heaven, because on earth everything is beautiful and everything is possible because this is the place where we get to create beautiful memories that will make the fun of our life time, the story that will inspire people to live and create beautiful moment of lust and love, find that heavenly boy that will treat your soul with tender loving care that will make you moan for more pleasure and cum like you’ve never came, the sex that will change your idea of sex, for sex is beautiful, the communication of two pretty bodies that will experience the groove of heaven on earth.

Don’t waste tonight, get the booze and lubricant if you’ll need one, good music in the dark if you love darkness or a well illuminated room where you can experience the body and lust in the beauty of the body too, the curves and the hot color of her pant and the seductive shade of her lipstick, lust with her breast, savor every taste of her, never make a pretty girl have boring sex for that’s a sin against the doctrine of sex on Friday night especially, everyday even, treat her body well because it’s the way to the heaven you promise on earth.

Bad Boys

Women are something to nurture and never something to conquer because you can’t live forever and they make life beautiful, good sex make life beautiful, it makes every moment and you just love and enjoy the thrill of both of you bringing heaven to her and her body, satisfying your desire, following the lead of the tune of your heart, that happy tune that tells you new things you can do with her body, the body you crave, the joy you see and the pleasure it gives your self esteem.

Don’t just sit there or lay there while he brings you heaven, show some appreciation and make heaven on earth worth the while, make it last for eternity, live for it and never let go, never.

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