Banking by Tricks

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Can’t help but think and lament about my society and what it’s turning into, some days you’ll wake up with so much hope and some days you’ll pray for the progress of this country. Things happening at this time are ridiculous, almost impossible for you to imagine, new corporate ethics that’s ruining the brand image of corporate bodies, but they have no option because the mind of the majority in my society have fail to advance, many minds have given up and you can’t blame them because of the ugly reality that face us all.

Back in the day, banks won’t approach just anybody to come bank with them, only if you’re rich enough but times have changed. Customers used to be the ones to find banks of their range because of the standard those banks have set, meeting their criteria is almost impossible, especially with the initial deposit to open the account with. The banks are the ones coming to beg us to bank with them these days, they’ll come to your house and place of work pleading for you to open an account with them. Can’t help but wonder what have changed, they’ll even entice you with offers like it’s instagram give away, some promise recharge card if you open an account with them, some is the chance to qualify you for a raffle draw if you bank with them.

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Though most banks have met their capitalization, that’s why they’re still standing obviously, the question now is what happened to the customers they already have. Could it be customers are not banking like they’re supposed to or the banks want to boast with the numbers of customers they have, the reality is, if you make many more people bank with your bank while they already have another existing bank account with other banks, it’s still the situation of sharing customers with other banks, making them not to bank properly, besides it’s little income coming in these days that is barely enough to survive daily not to talk of saving, the main reason many people are not saving in banks aside from when their salaries are been paid to their account.

You should ask what you can do for your country, not what your country can do for you. It should be banks duty at this time that they need more customers to ask themselves what they can do to make people want to save money because that’s the only way they can keep the customers they recruit if not those account will go dormant soon enough and their marketers will be back on the street begging people to open an account with their bank. It’s crazy times but things have to change, people want to save but don’t have enough to save, the banks want more customers to keep their doors open if not what happened in the past will happen again where banks will fold over night.

Banks right now are making us bank by trick with offers that’s almost not real, they cajole you to open an account and their work is done, whatever happens with those account won’t be their problem at that time but after months when the accounts they’ve open is supposed to affect the growth of the bank but did not, they’ll roll their marketers back to the street giving them target to meet or else they’ll be sacked. Many will do all they could to keep their job and those that still won’t be able to meet the target will be back to the unemployed crowd. It’s crazy times that need crazy measures to solve our problems at this time else who knows what will happen, we do but we don’t want to jinx it so we pray things turn around because these people won’t take advice or pitch if you don’t know anybody at the top in the bank, it’s a man know man situation and they’re losing because wild minds are out here studying and researching to better situations of this time in our country.