Bare or Hairy?

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Hairy Vagina It’s the leaf around the flower, the lawn around the house. You have to love hair in order to love the vagina. You can’t pick the parts you want, you cannot love a vagina unless you love hair, and many people do not love hair.

How do you love your vagina, sometimes we even wish they can talk to us about how they feel and how they’ll want to be treated, and nurtured because just like how the society influence how we live, they’ve influence how we see our vagina and how we treat them, maybe pornography have a huge influence in our sexual life and just as social network influence the many lifestyle many people live today, the porn industry have influence our sexual life too.Abstract Vagina

Some like the hair and some don’t and the women that own the vagina, many have less confident in it, treating it like the mainstream will want them to, shaving it off or waxing it all because they want their vagina to be accepted by their lover, they think of how to satisfy their lover first and not their comfort sometimes because relationship is a compromise but what happens to true love and sacrifice and loving every part of the vagina we love to make love to and bring us pleasure and fun.

The girls love to play with their guys bears because of how fluffy and playful it feels, they often don’t mind it when they’re kissing you, bears at some point became a statistic they look for in a guy but bare became what the guys look for in a vagina and like they most claim, it look dirty and unkept and you wonder definitely not all will be dirty, so what happen to the clean and sweet smelling pubic hair?Pubic Hair

Like most things in life, everything happens for a reason and many things don’t just happen, even karma don’t just happen, the hair around the vagina grows for a reason and if only you can see the beauty of it you’ll love it, the fluffiness and the different sensation it gives during sex, and sex can be painful especially when you just newly shave and some gynecologist claim, the vagina without hair can allow you to contact STIs easily, guess that explain the many STIs cases these days compare to how less STI cases during the era of vagina hair. It all balls down to why we do the things we do, so why are you waxing or shaving your vagina hair, if you love your vagina you’ll listen to her.

It’s a different body communication when you make love with your vagina hair on, though many don’t want it because of when they are down there giving head it interrupt the flow, so if the sacrifice to remove the hair is for a better head, only you can tell but the truth still remains it’s beautiful both ways, without the hair and with the hair and really a good sex is really never complete without the head.