Bathrooms are for Lovers

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Bathroom Lovers

He carried me into the tub to bath me, the water was well lathered and warm, little cold in Lagos not like the whistling cold breeze in the north. He scrubbed my body with soft sponge as I sit in front of him, my back resting on his bare chest, my nipples he plays with, offering me champagne and strawberries, I felt pampered and loved, can feel my glow increased, this moment I want to experience till eternity.

The energy saving bulb made the offwhite Mable titles more beautiful, her reaction to the rhythm of the music and the flow of my hands on her body, her body flush severally with sexual emotions that is far from what I have in mind this night. Unlike our regular nights when we watch movies and have sex, it’s a romantic Wednesday night tonight, a night of turn on and good music, no sex.

I wonder what my dreams will look like tonight wet dreams maybe, because my body wants him and he’s not looking like he’ll give it to me, I’m sure he read this from the erotic book he’s reading at the moment, hot wax. I should revenge too.

Bathrooms photos

Photographed by Edesiri Ukiri

He’s so special and kind with his feelings and love, how he express the love he have for my body, not sure I have that much love for myself, he lust after me and I love it. Her body validates what I feel as a man, I tick when she’s around, love mixed with lust in her eyes make me act how I’m supposed to. He looked at me like how every girl want to be looked at, I guess I’m that special, he is too and I love what we felt in the tub. Sitting behind her in the tub makes me feel, this is what we should do everyday of our lives, her body so tender and beautiful, I wonder why we wear clothes.

His finger went inside of me, my nipples in between his lathered fingers, kissing my ear lobe and drinking me in, what else could I want, the sex of course, I’m already half way, in my heart I beg him to bring me to fulfillment.

I heard her heart whisper; I’ll bring her fulfillment in her dreams.