Battle of the Sexes; New Sex; New World

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Metoo The reality of how ladies get angry and protest and create hashtag that men think of them as a sexual object and made for the kitchen and satisfying their needs only but neglect their dreams and the much they can do to affect the home and the world and men too get angry and find it appalling that women see them as where they can make money from, as who’s meant to take care of every of their needs and enrich them even if they’re working or probably earning more than the man, it’s a funny world and the world make us all see ourselves in a way that we don’t like and we get angry from our different corner, staging protest and hashtag and when a particular group is getting more attention the world follow the winning team.

Oh yes men treat women bad and ridicule the much they can do, the domestic abuse, the culture and the tradition that limit women to their cooking skills and taking care of the family, not sending them to school because of the idea that they may not need it because of where they ought to end up, and soon women found their strength “Feminist” and the world is celebrating that because we all hate the way the society has made us see women and to treat them, they have ego too and that’s not to be bashed, so any man that treat women badly or take advantage of her, the world call them out, so others can learn how to treat women, and every day the world is learning and the society is changing and men are changing respecting women more, but the women too…New Men

In this society, even around the world, there’s one idea of what a man should do, and that’s to take care of the family, that’s he’s duty, some women don’t even care how he does that, so far he can provide for every of her needs and they are fine, happy and good, fuck it all, and for the unmarried ones, most of their girlfriends see men as automated teller machine where they can request for money or anything and to prove he love them he’s meant to provide it for them, so the women too see men as someone that’s to provide for their needs and if he’s not doing just that, they either call him out or frustrate him and leave him if they could and the men swallow their pride and wallow in sad thought of how they can’t fulfill the responsibility the society has given to them, so they either look for who they can meet their needs or they live in hope.

It’s obvious the society has pitch us against each other, to see each other as a means of livelihood like we can’t survive by ourselves maybe because can’t or maybe because they’ve make us to believe we can’t, but we can do all things they say, all things, even satisfying the sexual crave and meeting our needs and not the society telling us otherwise, to make some set of people feel less important and less valued and to put some set of people in harsh condition and make them see themselves low if they can’t fit into that role, it’s just the society way of giving power to some sex of people to rule over some other sex of people in different scenario, it’s a fighting world.New World

But things are changing and new generations are beginning to see how the society is making us function less by believing only the other sex can give us a kind of satisfaction in some certain area of our lives making us to neglect that ability in us, but right now, it’s a new awakening that we can do all things, the women can live and survive without the idea of, can only and should be taken care by a man, women these days provide for themselves and fall in love because they want to fall in love and not because he’ll be the one to take-care of them and men can cook and treat themselves well, do their house chores not waiting for the women to come do it for them like the society suggest and independent people are beginning to dominate the world and we are gradually experiencing true love, falling in love for the right reasons and not for what the society expect  the other spouse to fulfill as right.

But we can’t change all, some still think in the way the society have always want them to think, and still act that way, taking advantage of the other sex. Well the hashtags should not just be about a particular sex, it should be about changing the idea of the role the society has given to the different sex that has brought us here, because if a particular sex should win their fight today, tomorrow the other sex will too and it will be a rat race distracting us from the real deal, the oneness that we are meant to attain, making the world a better place.

Really we are created for love, to experience love, because when you’re in love you’re creative and foolish, not thinking about the other person’s flaws, all you care about is the joy and the fulfillment that you experience at that time and that’s all that matters to you and that’s what’s supposed to matter because love is all that matters, love is all that we need to function as humans, to create and make beautiful memories, that will make us anticipate the next day and make us use the night extra to create pleasure and climax, party all night and sleep all day even, love just make us worry less, but the society love us to worry that’s why they pitch us with the idea of responsibilities of different sex and if you can’t fulfill it you worry or been seen as incompetent, it’s 2018 and the world is changing be that freedom.

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