Be the Dream; Dress your Best

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Time's UpThis time that we live in is one beautiful time to live in, the best time to dream and be anybody we want to be, the perfect time to believe in yourself, to believe in the dreams you dream, for everything is possible because you are possible, your thoughts are possible but first you have to believe in you and what you nurse as Ideas, what you dream about, this present time in the world is in favor of everybody, every human, and you can make history if you want to, it all begins with you and how much you want those things you want, what you want as reality, this time of the world, you can decide and design your reality.

Fashion is not just about clothes or what we wear, it’s everything and Coco was right, it’s about inner beauty, don’t just apply makeup on the outside to look beautiful just on the face, apply that inner makeup to radiate outward the beauty of the inside, feed your soul with dreams and love, have fantasies and make them wild that they’ll shock you even, dream the four dimensional dream if you can but don’t be lost in limbo.Dream Big

Watching the 90 Oscar one thing you’ll definitely learn about everybody, aside from the speech and the humor, it’s that everything is built on dreams and that it’s a good thing to dream, everybody there was and is a dreamer, your dreams fulfills you, it sparks another person’s dream and so on and that’s how the world can be a better place because that’s what we really want, to make the world a better place, where there’ll be no racism, where everybody is treated as human, gender equality and equal pay, Time’s Up let’s do it right.

And it begins with self, you know how you want to look, so look it, be your best and know Karma is real and Karma is a bitch, it comes faster than you think, put to the world the right energy, be the dream you.

It’s ok to dream but don’t dream small, dream the biggest and know they can come through, dress your best, dress like you’re famous be the star you see on TV, be your dream.