Beautiful Bodies 

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Kim Kardashian West BodySometimes you sit and think about the beginning, about day one on earth, about the first bodies, the first human on earth and what their body possibly looks like and their size and then when it became a unit of standard to measure body and the approved size, the skin and looks, and you feel depressed if you don’t fit, you mentally become a second class human and you live that way not knowing how much of a human you are, how much grace you’ve got and the glorious glamour that’s embedded in your body.

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It’s obvious we pride in our body differently, we know our bodies differently and we love and take care of it differently, we flaunt it differently too, while some people feels it’s vanity to care much about their body, some sees it as societal pressure to want to care about the body, and some sees it as a waste of time and money to care for the body, we live in different denial and we know different truth, we believe different things too, but our body is the real us before our soul, before our character.

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So you wonder to what extend people will go to make their body look attractive, first what you care about you take care but the reason why you care is the first thing that fuel how much we care, while some care because it’s a way for them to get noticed and be appreciated, some care because of themselves and the picture in their head of what they want to look like but without pressure.

It’s beautiful to care about the body, but be your body, be you and use the right product, own you and do everything to your body because you want to, not because you want to be validated.Sexy Body