Beautiful Body

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Sexy Photography A true prove that the world is in reverse, going back in time, tracing back it root, to the initial values and culture that has changed after the Apple eating, the confidence and the appreciation of skin and sexiness, the art and acknowledgement of the real beauty of the human body and not of what the world defines it to be, not what they expect you to portray it to be.

Sexiness is still a major issue in my society, how you express it especially, the thought of people and how they classify you when you do, amongst the many things the society teaches us not to be is to be sexy, they teach us to hide that part of us and like they say it’s for our own good and for some beliefs to make the other person not to sin.

Sheer Fashion

The excuse they help some set of people make to do evil and all kind of inhuman acts, and they hide under the idea of sexiness, so they advise you to live less and die inside, your ego suffer and your mentality slowly changes from what it’s supposed to be, instead of facing the real issue of the mind that think shallow, the body is not limited to be defined as a sex object because of how the skin is been expressed, really the body is too beautiful to be hidden in clothes, guess that’s why there was no clothes in the beginning before the Apple.

Beautiful Body

Perfection we seek everyday, that beginning we seek too, to find the world when the mind was still plain with only beautiful thought of making the world a better, that world we find everyday with our craft and the technology of now to even make it more interesting. It’s a new civilization in 2018 and gradually we are coming close, the confidence of our mind is changing too and how we express our body too.

Like a living art work she pose and the photographer understands her and they flow in the same rhythm, in one accord.

Photography by Obi Somto

Model – Sharon Smity