Everybody is Actually Beautiful

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Selfie Every body is beautiful, a statement that’s gradually becoming a cliché and everybody is learning the meaning and fact that everybody is actually beautiful and sexy and attractive, it just depends on the beholder and the heart and thought of the beholder, it’s how beautiful your thoughts are, everybody is actually beautiful.

Reading it everyday and the different hashtags and movements online and even through admonition and movies and personalities and music, you’ll definitely believe every body is beautiful, our favorite celebrities are of different sizes even but we love them still, a real proof of everybody is sexy and beautiful.

Beautiful Black GirlA reaffirmation of the phrase I experience in real life. In this town it can be like those long hold ups you see in movies, it’s one of those days at work, started with a drag and lazy depressed mood, boring, even dosing off at some point, but early into the evening the down feelings lifted with a trace of happiness, the puff is here and the day’s work is 99% done. So after puffin and shutting down the computer, just to hit the bus stop all I can see ahead is red lights of break, opted for the long stroll to beat the hold up of the round about. The buses won’t stop honking, the bikes looking for the slightest way to maneuver and move ahead, the tri-cycle competing with cars and buses but with all these distractions the beautiful and sexy people walking on the street you’ll notice.

Tess Holiday Beautiful BodyThe beautiful boobs and asses, how they walk and the elegance of each steps that made their ass juggle inside the clothes, the movement of the boobs at every step, their sex meter boldly visible on their faces and the expression on their face even, their curves and well chiseled body and the chubby ones and the size zero even, every body is just beautiful in their own way, in there own scars and looks and the choice of their clothes, we all think of the beautiful side of us, even when we are too lazy to accept it.

Sexy is everywhere, sexy is everybody, everybody is beautiful it all depends on the beholder.