Thrills of Tuesday Morning

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Beautiful Romance Tuesdays and Saturday are created in romance heaven, the aura of these days are always romantic and interesting, you feel sexy all through the day and every idea that comes to your mind are usually romantic too, every of your thought and your look too, the look in your eyes and how you walk even, the choice of clothes and the colors too, the trend, the lipstick and lingerie, his voice and how he look at me, it’s a romantic atmosphere every Tuesday and Saturday.

Breakfast in bed usually happens on a weekend, when you have all day to yourselves and can take a different turn from breakfast to some other activities that might require strength with no clothes on, but for a Tuesday morning, it’s more romantic.

Tuesday Fashion

Monday was a little hectic, the thrills of Sunday night was still alive all through Monday causing the lazy and dehydrated feeling, so the night was smooth and long, seven hours long and waking up was beautiful, it was his sweet orange lips that woke me up and the touch of his hands, waking up just felt good especially with the aroma that took over the room, hot dogs and scrambled eggs, veggies and fresh orange juice, couldn’t help but kiss him again.

His offer to bath me even made me feel like a baby again, gently soaking and soaping my skin, my face light up with beautiful glow.

Tuesday Romance

Work is usually easy when you feel romantic, your smile and attitude is always different, you feel more happy than usual, your energy everybody wants to tap into, your vibe will be contagious, Tuesday daytime was just like a short night sleep, time ran and soon it was time to go back to romance heaven, red wine don’t do wrong not even work nights.