Beautiful Sleek, Beautiful Sharon Smity

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Photography by Felix Crown

Sharon Smity. Photography by Felix Crown

Her hair glorify the elegance of her body, her poise, her skin makes you wish for her smoothness, her eyes makes you wish for the flash of the photographer, her smile don’t lie, her beauty they compliment, beautiful she defines as the photographer captures her.

Like a girl on the billboard, your attention she catch and your imagination she tap into and influence to think of only positive things that’ll affect humanity positively and to appreciate the beauty of her skin and her person, the girl she has become, bold and happy and fearless, living the culture of her mind, enjoying every flash coming from the camera, in the world of confidence and beautiful people she was created from, her nails that reflect the colors of her thoughts, the glossy lips that attract and her gaze you’ll definitely want to follow to have a peep into her world, her fantasies and her dreams, her passion, even in her pose she motivates and many young dreamers she influenced.

Her full black wavy hair calls for your attention as you look at the picture, her eyes you can’t resist their beauty, the pose of her lips makes you anticipate the tone of her voice when she speak and how they move when she does.

Beauty Photography

Sharon Smity. Photography by Felix Crown, MUA – Beauty by Fey, Hair Stylist – Ceezys Styling, Hair by Kikkys Hair, Bra by Xtrakini

The depiction of beauty in this photo will make you want to question the trend of bleaching and wanting to have a fairer skin, beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder, you wonder what they then see in dark skin, their influence and level of confidence and appreciation. Her tone of skin you’ll definitely wish for because they define beauty in its right language and definition, the smoothness and its glow, the pride embedded in every pigment you’ll fall hopelessly in love with, the modern day urban goddess with confidence and beautiful thought in her mind.

Photography making the world a better place, giving humanity a new pride, the pride and joy that helps you appreciate who you are and your body, every moment and every clothes you wear, your style, the curves and the sexiness of your body, your smile and happiness, the enjoyment of the long stare of the eyes behind the lens, the creativity of bringing each pose to life.

Let’s define humanity again, let’s define beauty again, the pride in the dark skin they know not about that they hate, let’s show the world the beauty of the dark skin, the sexiness it hold, the beautiful thought of pleasure and fantasies it erupts in your mind, her full wavy black hair, her beautiful eyes and nose, her glossy lips that calls for your attention, her smooth skin and it urban elegance, her nails, the art of the present world, even her bra the trend of the modern age, the vibe of her time.