Behind the Amateur Lens

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Creation breeds gradually in you, even the art and your sense of what you create, life as a young photographer can be interesting too with hopes of already snapping beautiful pictures like the legends in the industry, the hopes of perfection already, all the anticipation and aspirations build up to form your art, the view and what you see from behind the lens.

With the new studio coming up to shape and it’s interior being done, the joy of taking new pictures became the joy and the new influence of the studio, creating new passion, so he brought all he’s been learning to live as he decided to use supervisor as the subject. The tension of doing a professional shoot and the joy of it, and the bossy respect makes him sees different, from behind the lens he pictured the art of his pose and at the right time he press the shutter button to capture the art of his pose.

Everyday fashion of the supervisor as he loves to look interesting in the studio even while working, DIY distressed jean, red bandanna, carmo Tshirt and the indoor studio rubber foot wear, a suit ray ban eye glasses, regular studio vibe, joyful and free open to new styles and fun every time.

The official opening of the studio this weekend, with a little red carpet cocktail event.

Photography by Victor 

Edited by Jojo Spitta

Qnipz Studio