Bella Hadid Making Us Want to Own an Air Force One

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Bella Hadid editorial photos for Footwear NewsThe job of any model basically is to make you want what they are selling, what they are wearing, they tap into our consciousness and catch our attention every time and we love it because they’ve help enrich our wardrobe.

Footwear News and Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid making us want to own a pair of this Nike shoes, hot on the heels of Air Force One for Footwear News

Bella Hadid IMG Models The colorful editorial photos of Bella in different outfit styled to bring out the beauty of the everyday fashion girl rocking her not heels but sneakers in a manner that’ll make you want to rock it too, in this photos she’s a stylespiration.

Footwear NewsPhotography: Eric T. White at See Management.

Hair: Keith Carpenter.

Makeup: Nina Park.

Model: Bella Hadid at IMG.