Bending Cloudspin

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YogaLet your body feel you, feel your body and it strength, feel the body twist to your thoughts and how you want it to bend, let the body teach you more about you, the understanding of the person that you are and of how much you can do as human, let your body show you the way and how to feel right, they know how because the body is the real you, the you that has house you since birth.

Yoga, yes it’s taking over the world, the new way of life we are embracing because of how much it’s making us to discover more about ourselves, about humanity and the struggles that we’ve long to know about for a long time.

Sexy Yogi

Just like everything in this life, it needs dedication and commitment but the many distraction makes us to easily loose concentration and soon our mind just drift into new things, different things that will take our mind away from what can build us, so Yoga teaches us about us and the many things we can do with us, our body, the bending and the meditation, the healing and the understanding of self, even the building of the right self esteem.

Yoga Photography

So bend like cloudspin, pose like her too for the camera and let your art be captured just like how Jafari captured the art of her body, her bending skills that express the thought of her heart.

Muse – Cloudspin

Photography by Jafari Photoart