Bey-Fashion Photography

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Fashion Editorial Let’s define sexiness and confidence with this photo shot by Felix Crown, let’s define the beauty of being a woman, the elegance and the skin, her style and the love of it, the stripes of her pant, her choker and her white shirt with facial prints and her pretty charm, the modern Influenced photography.

When she’s free she’s stylish and beautiful and sexy, that sexiness you can’t take away from her, the fit of the shirt and the pose of her lips, the glossy attraction as the tone of her skin fit the colors of her outfit at the moment as she dress up the shutter button was pressed, just in time to capture the perfect image, her beautiful pose and nails, even her chocker, it all fits.

Fashion Photography

Raised in the time where rules and morals are core, even those that don’t practice those morals still enforces it just because they can, even when is not practicable and outdated, it’s the time of the confidence of self, believing in who you are and what you can do, we are the new religion, following the vibe of our heart, the confidence we possess.

Sexy Photography by Felix Crown

We express sexiness differently, different confidence we hold inside of us and how we use our body to express that confidence and the beauty of our body, cliché and the regular way of life fade a long time ago, it’s the time of being, just like the renaissance times when style and photography took over, style and photography is the language that the world speak right now and everyday new photography that will speak of this time is created, the creativity that will not only speak for the photographer but for the model, the stylist and everybody involved in the creation of this beautiful image.

Felix Crown will every time make you wish you can see through his eyes, the beauty he sees, his images register in your head the moment you set your eyes on it, you just fall in love with it.

Photo Credit

Photography by Felix Crown

Muse – Aduke Bey

Stylist – Mag Payne

Makeup Artiste – Bregha Beauty

Hair Stylist – Ceezys Styling