Black Lives Matters by Laolu

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“O gba diẹ ẹ sii juỌkan ninu koriko koriko lati sọ ilẹ di mimọ.” Meaning in “It takes more than

one broom straw to make the ground clean.” Yes, America had a Black President but he’s just one man who led just one nation for two terms. He was a blessing but not even President Obama can change in two terms what has been happening for centuries, the racism that exists is institutional, it’s built into the educational system, the justice system, and it’s a mindset for many. We cannot grow as human race (because we are a human race, no difference between any of us, really) unless we work together, stand together and help one another. Also, we don’t need a President to lead us to do this. We’ve seen it time and time again from Gandhi, MLK, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks among many others over time; we must be the revolution, we must be the change, and it’s up to us to lead that change for the next seven generations. We need to think like ancestors while we are living because it’s while we are living that we have the ability to grow, develop and enact change and to live. We are all human. So the time is now to march, to vote, to run for office, to create Art, to write music, to talk to your neighbors and to make a difference. Use your voice, whatever that is to you, just use it. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” #Artivist #Charlottesville #UnitedWeStand #BlackLivesMatter #EverythingisMyCanvas #SacredArtoftheOri #LaoluNYC #activist #humanrights 

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