Black Women are Gems

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Beautiful Black Woman In the eye of a beholder is the love that cannot be explained but expressed, the appreciation of the beauty behold, of the smile that’ll last for eternity and never fade, the joy it breeds and the smile that birth another smile that create the rainbow that holds the promise of love and a beautiful affection that sparks joy and paint the idea of a lover to be trapped in eternity with, a black gem with a pretty heart.

Lips don’t lie, eyes too, the vibe of her too and the greatness embedded in her that radiate to the world through her craft and her sense, her skills, the love of a lover that makes you want to love even more and special on this day for lovers that mean more.

Celebrations of love never end with the black gem that is special and real and will always be preserved and cherish and treasured, queen of the heart. So let the sun shine on you to reflect the beauty of your glowing skin, let your hair speak of your heritage and your eyes a depiction of the possibilities of what the future holds and your shape and size the signature of self, confidence.

Wifey: @mamaijasmin
MUA: @mamaijasmin
Location: @NanLakouLakayNou
Shot by: @jazzysfotografi
Retouching by: @dupas.reginald