Blame It On You

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Monday Chick Hate to play the blame game, love to take responsibility for everything that happens because there’s always a chance to correct the wrong that was made, so why do I have to blame it on someone else, or on a particular situation, everything can be corrected, change is constant, a paradox that all you just have to do is find another meaning to the situation and correct it to how it’s supposed to be.

On Mondays our fails look us straight in the eye and our guilt surface, our neglect and everything we’ve procrastinate on, everything we’ve not done right, Monday is always a day to die a little or to have a little more hope, energy to face the new week and every of the activities that’s to happen during the new week.

Ups and down is life, the life that we know and live on earth where nothing is perfect and where the good die young but we survived, we all can because that’s what people do in life too, they survive and flaunt their success on Instagram and snapchat and the list is endless. Though sometimes we might be really down and depressed and the meaning of life we try to find but the kind of help you find define the kind of person you’ve been, usually it’s either a plus that’ll make us smile or that kind that will make us sit back and ask ourselves questions, how have we been and how much have we affect the people around us.Monday Chick

Learning about life is easy, living it is the reality that overwhelms us but we have to live and love because that’s why we are humans, to live to the fullest and have fun and smile and make people smile too. We live life different, we face different things in life and that’s why it’s advised that you should be nice to the next person because you don’t know what they’re going through, just like karma what you give is what you get. Blame it all on you because you’re the reason why it’s like this, just change your mindset, change your thought and what you picture in your head. Monday