Body and Mind

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The first thing that comes to people’s mind in my society when they see a girl doing a nude or half nude shoot is she’s lose, they see the rebellious person in her, not the art, not the vibe, not the confident she has in her skin and the beauty she possesses, her struggles and how far she has come, how great her sense is and the joy of her person, they get it wrong not even wanting to know the art.

Sometimes the insecurity we feel is not because of us but the people around us, how they perceive us and how they picture us in their mind, their level of trust and their fear of what the society will say if they see us that way, often times they tend not to remember how we want comfort and our definition of the person we are.

In yoga they teach you to enjoy your person and live in the moment, to enjoy who you are and your person, meditating and to think deep to create who you are, neglecting the reality that exist  around but creating your own reality.

Our sexuality and how we represent ourselves is our own idea of who we are, the real us, our ego and how we enjoy our skin.

Nudes are beautiful, a piece of art that reflect the beauty inside of you, the work of art that shows her own interpretation of what life and how the body is to be perceive. Like Marilyn said the body is too beautiful to be covered, her body embodies the quality of her tone, her complexion, her personality and her dreams, the joy that resides inside of her.

Living in the moment is the new doctrine, enjoying your body is the new goal, shutting out the outside world and how they expect us to pose we careless about now because it’s all about us, our body, pride and the joy of our skin. Like they teach you in Yoga to meditate, to be in tune with yourself, to make use of your mind.

Like a goddess of our dreams she pose for the camera of Motolani, her eyes filled with passion and the sexiness that her body house, her vibe and her charm, attractive and sexy, a different shade of my society, the society she dwells in, the society that teaches us to be the dream and idea that has gotten us here, with many things and culture that has not taken us far because all it teaches is not to express you, not to be the real you, the society that has taught us to suppress whatever we feel but to act and pretend.

Her doctrine is different, her doctrine is life, the life she dreams of, the life she live, the confident in her person and what Yoga taught her, to enjoy everything even her body and it’s sexiness. For Motolani, capturing the true personality is her vibe, her passion, that’s who she is, her art of photography.

She came with all her sexiness in this photo, in her glory she pose, expressing the joy of her sexuality, the comfort and confidence in her body, her pride and charm.

Sexy we cherish in this generation, the sultriness of our body, the joy of our curves, and the different elements that makes her body attractive like the girls we see in our dreams, the kind of girl we wish for, her beautiful lips that speaks her dreams and the eyes that we can’t dodge her charm, the hair that blows in the direction of the air that made her determine, the girl of our dream.

Photography by Motolani Olorungbon

Model – Cloudspin