Body Calling Tonight

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Lust and Sex

Photography by Transfer Zekka

It’s Friday and the body is calling, calling to come alive by the magic only your hands can do to this body and that’s what this body want right now, those things you do with your hands that turns me on and make me pull my clothes by myself even before you come close, your eyes and the charm inside your gaze, my racing mind longing for you, inside and even on my skin, tender touch, stroking my bare skin and the band of my thong, fill me my mind whisper, my body crave you to be the vibe of this day and the vibe of us in the dark, the place we are meant to be tonight.

Bring me to life and let the fire of your seduction refine us like gold, even in the dark, with the rope around my wrist, blind folded with the lust of my heart leading the way, dark fantasy, let’s go dark again, to the pussy town we’ve never been before, love to explore with you, it’s Friday night after-all, it’s our body too and we love our body.

Make her wait… allow her to soak in her thoughts. Soon she’ll hear me, then she’ll feel me Transfer Zekka

You make my wait, I love it, love how you seduce me with my mind thinking of the many things you can do to me, in my thought I soak in the pleasure that’s yet to come, the glory land you’ll take me to where we will dwell like it’s eternity, in the dark like a sad girl with sad music as the sound track to the pleasure we make, the climax we reach, the satisfaction of what our body want, the soft voice and the command of your voice, my safe word I love to forget, new boundaries we break, new glory we find, new version of our love we birth to life in the night.

Let the freedom of our mind lead us this night, the thrills of alcohol and the joy we make, the sound our body make, the demons of our thought, the calling of our body, the influence of the blunt we smoke, bringing to the room the celestial influence that tune our body and emotions to fit the energy we produce, our energy we consume every of it because that’s what it’s meant for, what we are meant for this night, the night where all that matters is us and our lust.

erotic photos

Photography by Transfer Zekka

Their demons conjure up my biology. I appear to them, they innately know who I am. They spread their pink pussies offering me access to information from the other side. I take all there is to take… I give all there is to give.

 – Transfer Zekka

Bring me to life and I promise to take you to a new lust town, where you’ve never been before, raw and pleasant, you’re crazy for me, I am too. Power and glory I want, you I want too and all of your power and your glory, you know I like that and you can do that, so let’s run away to pleasure land where all the power and the glory and the chant of lust reside, the place we are meant for, to forget time and live in our own eternity, the paradise we created in lust, my nipples love your tongue, command me master.


Photography by Transfer Zekka