Body Devotion; Your Body is a Temple

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Sexy Nude Our body is a temple, a temple is a place where we worship, our body deserve to be worship and treated with respect and to be loved too because it’s everything we are, the body is us, the human that exist on this planet, so devoting good time to your body is everything that’s right to give you a sound mind and thinking, fall hopelessly in love with your body.

After reading Hanaam Kaur’s letter to her body and how she try to hurt her body several times, I became aware of how much we sometimes hate our body and wish for another kind of body, even when we try to kill the body or hurt the body, the reality is, we’re trying to kill us and hurt us, causing ourselves pain that won’t solve it, but like the real reality, it’s all our mindset, whatever you think you are is what you are and that’s how the world will see you, so it’s more like you’re presenting your mindset to the world for them to see you that way.Tess Holiday

Yes we’ve got the bullies and the body shammers that won’t stop at anything but to talk about the flaws of your body, the reality in this world is, it’s easier for people to see the flaws of others and try to correct them, to mock them, than to focus on themselves, what they fear and runaway from when they try to look into themselves they picture in you, so it’s more like they find there insecurity in you, so it’s really not you, it’s them but you allow them to hate their own insecurity in you, all you just have to do is love you and worship you for ye are gods.

If only we can all focus on ourselves and fight our battles and give encouragement to those that needs it instead of laughing at their pain and bringing them down all because we’re trying to create a distraction to take our mind away from the real things we fear to face about us, and instead bring people down while we try to “protect” ourselves, the reality is more dark place we drive ourselves to when we don’t face our fears and struggles and reality, with time it will choke us and we’ll become more dark with bad energy, the kind of energy the world doesn’t need.

The body is great and have everything to do with our everyday life, our experiencing the world and the life we live and how we treat us, for we are all beautiful and only you can truly tell you that, though technology and different procedures are already in existence to enhance you but even if you’ll be going under the knife, it should be about you and not about what the society or the world have called or tagged you.

Winnie HarlowOur body deserve our worship and to be appreciated, taken care off and treated with love and respect and even your partner should love your body for what it is, the beauty scare and the curves, the inks and the complexion, the stretch marks and the birth marks, the big or the small body organs, we didn’t create us, we’re all born this way and all we need to live this way is to love, love will show us the beauty embedded in us and once you’ve found that beauty, you’ll be welcome to the new life, so love your body and it’s ok to lust over your body, worship it for it’s a temple.